Traditional Sales Training Doesn't Stick

Are you ready for a better development model?


Traditional Sales Training Doesn't work.

The problem isn't the content, there are many great programs.

The problem is outdated and ineffective delivery models.
80-90% of seminar, workshop, and classroom content is forgotten within 30 days.
Back at the office everyone reverts to their old ways.

Effective sales training is about adults learning new behaviours and turning them into new habits.
Habits are developed over time through reinforcement.
Unfortunately, reinforcement support is missing in workshop based sales training models.

Sales CoPilot Academy is an embedded sales training and coaching program.
It combines gamified learning software with biweekly videoconference based coaching that lasts between 6 and 24 months.
This creates an extended learning experience where new behaviors are learned and reinforced until they become everyday habits.

If you are looking for behavior change in your team, then Sales CoPilot Academy has the right program for you.

All of this for the same price as a typical classroom/workshop training program.

How it Works

Momentium: Gamified sales training

Extended Learning Experience

Participants Complete Progressively More Complex Sales Missions 

At the Heart of Every Mission are 3 Sales Call Simulations

Principle Based Sales Training

Everyone Earns a Score as They Go

40 Missions in 3 Blocks: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced

  • Basic: Drills to Acquire Core Principles

  • Intermediate: Core Principles Applied in Sales Scenarios

  • Advanced: Develop Adaptability to Meet Any Sales Challenge

Sales Copilot: On-going coaching via videoconference

Expert Coaching by a Certified Sales CoPilot

Mission Every Two Weeks Followed by a Video Conference Coaching Session

Video Conference Sessions Ground the Content into Real World Experiences

Benchmarks Scores Against All Participants to Validate Talent and Model Success

Six Month to Two Year Program Duration: Long Enough  for adults to Form New Habits

Participants Bring Live Sales Situations from Current Opportunities for Input
and Guidance

  • Basic: Reinforce and Retain the Principles

  • Intermediate: Discussions of application of principles in different real world opportunities

  • Advanced: High level collaboration around real world sales opportunity challenges


Beyond Sales Training to Team Development

Does your sales team struggle to get consistent sales performance?
Are you playing the talent lottery hoping to find a solution?
As with most lotteries, winning hires are few and far between.
Are you ready for a better way?

Sales CoPilot Academy is the foundation to make high sales performance an organic part of your business model.
It is a forum to develop, refine, and reinforce your company's best sales practices.
It then gets these practices into the everyday habits of your team members.

Common Language:

The program gives the team the words to share tactics and strategies that are the first step in collaboration.  When you have a common language, it becomes possible for team members to share experiences and ideas efficiently.


Academy is a place for deliberate practice.  

A typical sales meeting forces salespeople to defend their forecasts and results. Salespeople just try to survive these meetings.  

Academy is a positive forum that focuses on developing the skills and knowledge to win more often.  Forecasts and results matter, but they are not part of the Academy session, they are done elsewhere in the managing of the salespeople. In Academy the only goal is to collaborate on getting better!


Every two weeks your team learns the skills of sales, but more importantly, they work together to learn how to apply those skills in your business model.  Sales CoPilot facilitation gets it started, but eventually it becomes an organic part of how your team works together to continually improve.

Best Practices:

Inside your business and your sales team is everything you need to know to win more often, the problem is it is locked in the heads of a few, and no one has the whole picture.  Academy, over time, allows your team to bring these ideas out, share them, and develop the winning formula for success.   It takes your collected wisdom and turns it into everyone's everyday actions.


New team members enter a culture ready to share the formula for success.  The hire can be validated in the first 90 days as they enter the learning program.  This accelerates the ramp up time of those that are the right fit, as everything they need to know is readily accessible.  It also identifies those that do not fit quickly to shorten the cycle time of replacing them with someone who does.

Customzied Playbooks

What is your business' success formula?  

Who in your organization knows this formula?

For most companies the answer is that the formula is locked in the heads of a variety of senior people, or maybe just the founder's.  In most cases, no one person, not even the founder, has a complete picture.  This inconsistency is only the beginning of the road blocks to reliable high sales performance.

The problem gets worse when one realizes that the way this formula is typically shared amongst team members is orally: a series of anecdotes shared as a result of common experiences.  Consider, if one is new on the job, how do they learn where you win and why?  Someone has to tell them.  Typically it takes years to hear all these stories.

Sales CoPilot works with clients to translate these oral traditions into customized written playbooks.  Once it is written down these playbooks can be used to accelerate the learning of new hires and shorten their time to productivity.  A first version of a playbook can be produced in about 90 days.

Once written these playbooks are living documents in which salespeople can add in new ideas and improved practices that can be shared with everyone.  The playbook becomes the foundation for collaboration that helps managers and owners focus the efforts of the whole team on the most profitable and business value creating opportunities.

Imagine the impact of your organization's winning formula included in an extended learning program that brings that formula into the daily habits of your sales team: what would be possible?

About Us

Sales CoPilot, Inc.

Andrew Ford founded Sales CoPilot as a sales performance management consulting practice in 2006 after 20 years in a variety of sales roles from account executive to President of the SMB Group for TecSys Inc.  Since 2006 Andrew has worked with entrepreneurs in a wide variety of businesses predominantly in the technology and service industries.  The consistent theme in that work has been the need for a complete formula for sales team success and high sales performance.  There are two sides to the formula, the abilities of the salesperson and the readiness of the organization to enable the salesperson to use those abilities to deliver consistent results.    In 2013, Andrew was introduced to the Momentium program developed by Marguerite and her team at EMZ2.  In that program he discovered a foundational solution to the sales performance challenge.  With Marguerite, he developed the Sales CoPilot Academy which brings the gamified learning program Momentium, and the high sales performance coaching of Sales CoPilot together to embed sales training and coaching into an extended learning experience that lasts long enough to deliver new habits and consistent results to the participants and their sponsor companies.


Marguerite Zimmerman founded EMZ2 in 2004 after 25 years in sales, and more importantly sales training.  In those years of training Marguerite recognized that lessons learned in traditional workshop approaches were fugitive: they did not stick, and the results did not improve.  Isolated training events failed  due to a lack of reinforcement back on the job.  In 2004 she embarked on an ambitious mission to create a new training approach that leveraged modern Internet technologies, the new gamified learning paradigm, and leading adult learning principles.  The result is Momentium: an interactive, challenging, and engaging program that supports participants acquiring new skills and turning them into new habits.

A Powerful Partnership

Between them, Marguerite and Andrew, bring a combination of sales and training expertise that creates a compelling solution to the needs of entrepreneurial business to build a modern version of a high sales performance team.  Their synergies have created a game changing solution that presents a new model to sales team development that will deliver real change for the participants and their sponsor companies.

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